Thanks to Scott Morrison’s hubris the attempts to command and conquer unconventional gas in NSW reaches new levels.  See the following links for the most recent articles showing the industry and the government’s attempts to turn their current wedge in Narrabri into a kinetic door breach.

-7:30 – Town Split Widens over Gas Plan

-SMH – New Minister Calls for more Gas

-The Business – The $2bn Gas Deal.

In order to discuss the situation, it is first necessary to overlook the overwhelming arrogance of Ministers talking about their jobs and their plans and openly stating how they will ‘use‘ the role to further their ideology like they are at the monopoly table and they are finally getting to have their turn, make their moves, and forgetting that the role is one of stewarding not personal aggrandizement.

But moving on,,,

Command and Conquer using alternative facts

The details that are missing or just wrong from much of the discussion includes:

  1. Representing the ’20 years of CSG in Qld’ as smooth sailing and as an opportunity NSW is missing out on is completely incorrect.  There have been (and continue to be) serious problems for the landholders and communities expected to host this industry in it and the government’s chimerical pursuit of uneconomical stranded fossil fuels.
  2. They fail to address truthfully the impact the industry has had on the underground water, the removal of access to stock and domestic water bores from allocated farmers and unlimited take by the industry.  This is the same underground water that is at risk in NSW, a surface and arbitary state boundary line has no impact on the Great Artesian Basin that is being impacted by the industry activities no matter which side of the border it occurs on.
  3. Using a national media platform to take a shot at ‘activists’ shows the mentality and ignorance and one eyed industry bias of those in key ministerial positions such as Pitt.  Again this type of hubris in politicians is what has left the landholders in Qld who are required to host this industry in their homes, businesses and recreational areas with no statutory right to refuse it, and  as unrepresented stakeholders.  These are actually individuals and farming families that ministers like Pitt through his arrogance and ignorance expect to bear all of the risk and burden with no seat at the table.
  4. Consistently the discourse on the industry fails to address that Government policies and industry operation are procedurally and operationally organised, integrated and implemented around the violation of a full spectrum of human rights, it creates a situation whereby both Government and industry are fundamentally incapable of enacting and upholding these human, social, economic, civil, political and cultural rights endowed upon the people that are required to host the industry.  A point that is particularly powerful given that there is currently a #CSGMoratoriumBill in the NSW Parliament that is set to be debated next month.  These should be a significant points that is raised in any discussion regarding NSW and Gas.
  5. Allowing a litany of unbearably industry spin flavoured ‘alternative facts’ to go unchallenged in a national media platform is unconscionable and leaving those who people like Pitt expect to actually live with the devastating consequences of his high ideals and immensely false party lines is disrespectful and offensive.
  6. continuing to foolishly allow the media, industry and government to repeat statements relating to jobs, growth, lower energy prices, lower emissions, transition fuel when the actual lived experience in Queensland literally demonstrates the opposite and that experience in Queensland continually fails to be used to defeat such echo chambers of lies is bizarre to say the very least.  Politicians being so doggedly wed to such anti truths also shows where the fundamental problem in this issue is,,, politicians committed to multinationals and not to the citizens.

So Second Verse same as the first.


NSW Command and Conquer Gas

NSW Command and Conquer Gas