What is GasHAZ and why does it exist?

In creating the free GasHAZ APP for landholders impacted by the Gas Industry, my aims were 3 fold:

  • landholders should not be priced out of the opportunity to get information and support
  • in order to get transparency and compliance from an opaque industry and government ‘engagement’ landholders need tools that support them in getting information, keeping records and logging complaints.
  • big picture – landholder driven data helps ‘keep them honest’
    (creating a civic informatics database of crowd sourced data pushes back against the regimes of imperceptibility of the government and the industry through very practical and highly collaborative data-driven research).

What can GasHAZ do for you?

This app is an easy to use tool that:

  • allows you to ‘see, snap, send’ questions, photos and issues that you would like to have recorded to be dealt with later, or that you may need a little advice on to resolve.
  • it helps you to keep a log of your time that you spend dealing with the gas company (landholder time is incredibly undervalued and by putting this on the radar, it is another way of ensuring the true costs of this industry are acknowledged).
  • it provides landholders with a tool to manage the gas company’s access to your property.  Instead of having an ugly yellow box on the fence with tatty old paper being lost / not complied with, you can have the gas company use this app to log their entry and the details of their entry (including photos of activities and weed hygiene certificates) in real time.

Always improving

I am always improving the app based on the interactions with my clients and what they need.


This app is also designed to take the confrontation out of the landholder’s engagement with the industry and the government, by building landholder confidence and support this gives the landholder a sense of backing and community and removes the feeling of isolation and ‘me against them’.

Examples of the issues GasHaz is helping to address:

GasHAZ App

Inside GasHAZ App

  • ‘baseline’ water bore testing
  • CSG traffic impacting farmers homes and business
  • ‘plugged and abandoned’ exploration wells
  • Bio Security concerns (weed and health)
  • Q’s on CSG company’s broader plans for their area
  • noise, dust and light impacts
  • directional drilling
  • land access problems
  • 10 year old CCAs and long term frustrations
  • advise to resolve an issue / raise a complaint
  • record interactions
  • record time spent
  • WHS concerns

By building this type of crowd sourced data base of real lived experience we are able to produce the type of reports, submissions and representations that

  • help identify important issues to include in a CCA
  • require government and industry to improve transparency over water bore baseline testing
  • raising landholder impacts of poor regulation of industry with the Queensland Audit Office and requiring a coordinated government response to these real failures
  • helping farmers drag a chair to the table and be recognized as real stakeholders with real concerns that must be addressed.

Download the GasHAZ APP today!

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