The extended pass that the Resource sector is getting on the Covid19 protocols are absurd, but not surprising given one of the few decisive decsions the federal government has made since the onset of the crisis was to establish the National Covid19 Coordination Commission .

This is a great concern to communities impacted by gasfields, while mining is one thing, but, the gasfields operate right in the backyards of these rural communities.

Recent articles mention ‘communities’, but then focus on the staff, and as usual fail to see the impacted landholders as stakeholders who bear the greatest risk with none of the benefit.

At no time are any of the statements coming out addressing this fact – that many of those coming to the gasfield (and peoples back yards) are coming from high risk areas and areas of greater coronavirus presence.

They then access the properties and the road ways of the rural community who are some of our most vulnerable to the virus, and would otherwise be naturally safely isolated.

Given the Gas Industry’s failure to manage basic weed hygiene and biosecurity, their track record does not speak to any confidence in their ability to manage this potentially devastating impact on the rural community (and their precious medical resources).
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