Molliwell is proud and excited to announce the launch of our new FREE app: GasHAZ.

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Search for it on Google Play or App store and download!

This app allows impacted people to record issues, take pictures of hazards, request support to resolve issues or environmental testing. Each entry will be sent directly to a Molliwell Advocate and Consultant. You will receive one on one support and a record will be established on your private password protected web page to ensure you have access to reliable easy to refer to records.

Landholders critically need a strong and independent voice to give them information and support without fear.
Landholders, individually and collectively currently have no otherwise unconflicted group that will represent them and their needs specifically in this overwhelmingly politically biased industry of CSG that is marching unfettered across our agricultural heartland.

Molliwell will provide these services directly to the Landholder, by the Landholder, and for the Landholder.

This service is a specialty service just as the accountant/ agronomist, etc are, and fills a gap that the Landholder does not necessarily have the time to undertake themselves and therefore by default the CSG companies are taking express advantage of.

Molliwell will help landholders to gouge back power, legitimacy and urgency to the Landholder, their businesses, their properties, their Families and Homes and their Lifestyle.
In this app you can find:
About Us, Map, Facebook, Photos, Contact us, Your Compliance Diary, Order Environmental Testing