This incident alert from the DNRME highlights the under accounted for area of new hazards for farmers that are introduced to their workplace by hosting the industry.

This particular issue relates to the ‘hazardous area’ that is created in an environment that has flammable gas.  “Hazardous area” is a categorisation of a specific location that must have precautions taken relating to specifically electrical equipment in that area to ensure there is reduced risk of sparking etc that will cause an explosion due to any gases being present.

This incident highlights for farmers expected to host the industry an example of:

  • the induced hazards gas equipment and operations can pose for their own workplace;
  • an indication of the additional issues that must be considered when considering signing a CCA with the industry.

If you are facing or already dealing with CSG industry on or near your property, and would like assistance in navigating the issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.