Shay Dougall announces the opening of the new Molliwell office in Chinchilla’s main shopping precinct: 69B Heeney St Chinchilla.

I am excited and delighted to announce the opening of this office in this new location. It strengthens the presence and the need for such services, many offices in the area house businesses that service the Gas Industry, finally the farmers and locals have a little corner of the community dedicated to them and their interests in this field.  


Farmers and community are the forgotten part of the gas supply chain. They are required to host the industry. What that really means is a lot of time, research, preparation and ongoing management on the farmer’s behalf. This office is more than a work space, I want it to be a place that affected farmers and members of the community feel they can come in, have a chat and a coffee, get moral support and if necessary some expert and professional backing in dealing with the complexities of being required to host the unconventional gas industry.


To celebrate the opening of this new, strategically important office, Molliwell is holding an “Open House” event.