Geared for Businesses that operate in the Real World

With our extensive safety management experience across a wide range of industries in Australia, UK and USA, Molliwell is uniquely poised to assist you in jumpstarting your safety management system.

We value the differences that set each business apart and understand the pressures, challenges and rewards of operating a business, and we are able to develop a safety management system that works WITH your business as a tool that complements the business objectives, not a block to them, and that provides you with another competitive edge.

Jumpstart ProgramJumpStart

Our Jumpstart program is geared for managing safety in businesses that operate in the real world.

The Jumpstart program is unconventional, non traditional, and is flexible. The Jumpstart program provides you with legislative compliance – without the pain and heartache that commonly accompanies it.

The Jumpstart option is chosen by businesses whose H&S philosophy is very important, externally, to clients who internally value the resulting ability to achieve an immediate level of compliance and to be operating under the Management System in a very short time, very efficiently and simply.

Our experienced staff take our Safety Made Easy Product and put a turbocharger on the implementation process on your behalf.

We provide you with an accelerated and dynamic implementation of a superior safety management system and in doing so develop the system in a way that is connected and aligned with your organizational values and objectives.

After the initial implementation of the system, Molliwell’s objective is then to maintain a sustained working relationship with our clients in the Jumpstart program to ensure the continued maintenance of the system.


Your investment in our Jumpstart program and our sustained relationship is as varied as the businesses we service.

Take the most important step, and call Molliwell. We can provide you with an obligation free consultation and quote.