HSE Support Consultancy

Information is Choice

Why choose a Consultant as a tool to meet your management system and health and safety needs?

The same reason you choose to have an accountant assist you with your financial needs – you are an expert at your business services, you are not necessarily a financial expert.  The same is true for health and safety and management systems.

Consultants bring the following to your toolbox:

  • know how
  • industry wide experience
  • technical expertise
  • intimate knowledge and understanding of legislative requirements

So what does a Consultant provide?

  • develop, coordinate and manage health and safety programs in the workplace
  • manage existing and potential health and safety hazards in the workplace
  • manage health and safety information
  • manage and undertake health and safety functions in the workplace
  • manage health and safety training
  • advise on the requirements of legislation, standards and codes of practice in the workplace

The truth is that you don’t know what you don’t know.  A Molliwell Consultant will provide you with an honest appraisal of where your workplace is at and what needs to be done.

Information is the key.

Information provides Choice.