The unconventional gas industry, in accessing landholders’ property, does not solely enter the private land of host farmers, but also the host farmers’ workplace. As a result, this industrial activity poses an exacerbation of existing workplace health and safety hazards for host farmers, and introduces new ones.

Molliwell is committed to the minimisation and prevention of future injuries, disease and fatalities for the host farmers and to improving their position in the contractual negotiations that govern unconventional gas operations on their land and in their business.

Molliwell principal, Shay Dougall,  has spent the last 7 years advocating on behalf of host farmers and impacted community.  In order to explore and support host farmers in protecting their livelihoods and families from presently unidentified exposure Shay has developed a unique set of services that enables the host farmers to gain support in reporting and resolving gas industry induced hazards in their workplace.


This unique service is as simple as the host farmer seeing a problem, photographing it and using our private and confidential app to send us the image.

Molliwell will provide the host farmer with the following support:

  • expert description of the hazard and its implications;
  • draft appropriate complaints to be provided to the Gas Company and the relevant government department;
  • where necessary arrange for relevant monitoring and testing;
  • liaise on your behalf with the relevant parties regarding the complaint;
  • maintain ongoing records for future actions on your own private web page.

Before Signing a CCA

Molliwell is also able to support potential host farmers by undertaking specialised audits and preparing reports prior to the signing of access agreements and liaising with your lawyer regarding additional WHS impacts that the industry may have on your business to ensure these issue are appropriately considered before committing to an enduring contract.

This service is also available to host farmers with a current CCA.