E-Management Systems

Your Private Login – Your SMS – Right Here

Establishing a Management System to address your compliance issues is one thing, however, ensuring the system is reliably maintained and up to date is another.

Molliwell will build your management system through our support services, and then host your management system electronically – Molliwell’s Electronic Management System Services – E-MS.

Molliwell’s E-MS replaces the need to have multitudes of paperwork stagnating in a dusty shelf.

Molliwell’s E-MS keeps your system living and accessible in a way that is consistent with the method of running other essential business tools.

Molliwell’s E-MS ensures that your management system remains current, changes are made immediately, and staff have access to a live system.

Molliwell’s E-Management System (E-MS) service:

  • provides your workforce secure password protected access to your management system wherever they have internet access.
  • provides you with confidence that only current information is accessed and circulated.
  • makes maintaining the system live and immediate.
  • means a highly qualified expert is monitoring and supporting your system, while not having the accompanying overheads of a permanent employee.