Our Unique Team – Your Site

Our Team of Professionals, specialising in Health and Safety, are available for short and long term contracts in various industries.

Our experience across the Waste-to-Energy, Manufacturing & Construction industry in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America, ensures that our staff are perfectly poised to provide the type of flexible and prompt support required by our clients.

Our staff have a unique suite of qualifications allowing a range of expertise to be available to provide our clients value.

We pride ourselves on our unique down-to-earth, practical, innovative, and hands on approach. This approach is tried and tested and ensures that on each project the objectives are obtained through the following core qualities:

  • Passionate individuals
  • Building rapport with those we work with
  • Team building focus
  • Hard working individuals who ensure every hour on site counts
  • Strong administrative skills ensuring records are developed and maintained
  • Technologically current allowing for an efficient and mobile workforce
  • Regular reporting to ensure communication and achievement of goals and objectives.