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Misconceptions about Safety

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for things to quiet down before you put some focus on your safety management.

This is when your employees are particularly vulnerable to failures, and your company is vulnerable to the consequences.

Another frequent mistake is that employers continue to do the same things they have done in the past to improve safety performance BUT they expect a different and better outcome, only to find themselves 12 months later, having slid back to the same position they were in when they refocused energy on safety last time.

Many employers see the effort put into improving safety performance as a cost, the key is to see the effort as an Investment, just as today’s progressive companies are seeing it, safety is seen as the new corporate imperative.

Many business owners believe that superior safety management systems are the exclusive realm of big businesses and that mid to small sized businesses are relegated forever to bow and bend to the (sometimes outlandish) expectations and demands set by the big businesses.

Businesses don’t begin the process of managing safety because they believe that it will take on a life of its own and engulf the business in useless, time consuming and tail chasing paper work.

The misunderstanding here is that Yes all of the above statements are TRUE!

But they don’t have to be! Health and Safety and Management Systems┬ácan be easy, simple, effective and a positive contribution to your business.