Unity Action Symposium


Event to support Groups dealing with CSG.

Landholders ASCERT™ and Bridging the Divide Inc are teaming up to host the Unity Action Symposium in Chinchilla on 28 February.

The Symposium is open to anyone who would like to learn more and build skills around the realities of dealing with the wake, and in the face of, CSG activities.

Event organiser, Shay Dougall said that, “Those who attend the event will gain a toolbox of skills from the powerful line up of expert speakers,  that they can take with them back to the front line.  Individuals and groups will also have the unique opportunity to network and share information and experiences.”

“It is exciting because this event will enable groups to meet in an open forum in the community and gain legitimacy, and leave having established a baseline and objectives for growth in the future.”, she said.

Shay said “Working locally in your community and within small groups to gouge back power, legitimacy and urgency for those affected by an unfettered CSG Industry can be lonely and overwhelming.  It is also frustrating as you can learn the hard way you are reinventing wheels.  This Symposium is designed to address this and support and raise up those individuals and groups”.

Bridging the Divide Inc. coordinator and event host, Annette Hutchins says she has run a similar Symposium in Brisbane, but is very excited about being involved in this event in the heartland of CSG affected areas.  “It really fits well with our organisation which is a Brisbane-based nonprofit organisation focused on grassroots urban-rural communication, networking, advocacy and support.” She said.

Mrs Hutchins also said, “this event will help to establish and maintain long-term communication and support networks linking rural-, regional- and urban-based Australians around issues of health and social justice and the requirement for a sustainable Australia”.

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