Mission Statement


Molliwell Pty Ltd is a consultancy specialising in all aspects of workplace health & safety for small to medium businesses. The Company is committed to reducing the risk of illness and injury in workplaces, and works to ensure businesses can achieve workplaces that are safe, healthy, and compliant with legislation.

Established in Brisbane in 2001, Molliwell has been extensively involved with the research, development and launch of "Safety Made Easy", a generic, user-friendly safety management system that is suitable for all businesses, and ideal for small to medium businesses.

Since the launch of "Safety Made Easy" in 2002, Molliwell has focused on forming strategic alliances with safety organisations and industry groups, and establishing an extensive distribution network for the product.

Molliwell also provides ongoing customer support for "Safety Made Easy" clients with a specialised membership program. Additional consultancy services offered by Molliwell include health and safety audits, safety training, and the implementation of safety management system such as "Safety Made Easy".